About me


I am Mike. I’m a passionate guy, or at least I try to be in everything I do.
Stagnation is not something I like, I always strive to learn something new. Not always for my professional career, sometimes not even useful in life.

A few examples ?

I’m a recent dad, my first daughter is a year old with a second on the way. So learning things is going a bit slower than before.

I have quite a few years of experience in end-user support, in first, second and third level. The last couple of years I grew into the coordination of a small end-user (2nd level) support team. Recently my old love for networking rose again, which resulted in me trying to get the CCENT certification. In the future in my professional career I would like to continue to grow either towards coordination, or towards networking support. First and second level end-user IT support (helpdesk/local IT) is not really what I am actively seeking, but could be interesting to me if it also involves networking.